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How to make blind date comedy from the ground up

Posted May 25, 2018 06:29:55 While there are many ways to make a comedy blind date, there are a few things you should keep in mind when trying to make the most of the date.


Make the date comfortable.

When you go out, the goal is to find a date who’s comfortable with the whole process.

A date with a good sense of humor will be a great addition to any date, so make sure you make them laugh when they walk in the door.

Make sure they feel comfortable enough that they’ll take your hand, and if you can, make them feel comfortable to touch your butt.

Make them laugh and they’ll laugh.


Have a good story.

Don’t just ask for an “Oh, you’re blind?” when they’re just sitting there with their head down.

They might have a good one, but if you just sit there and try to make it seem like they don’t have a clue, they’ll think you’re just joking.

And, of course, don’t forget to have a funny story to share.


Make it feel like a fun experience.

Have you ever been to a comedy club?

You know how some clubs have really awkward setups and awkward people?

Well, comedy clubs are similar.

Don of course have to do your best to make your date feel comfortable.

But if they have a great laugh and laugh like a baby, you might just find that they fall for you.


Be kind.

If you’re serious about making a blind date work, don�t try to go into details on the date without asking.

Ask for a joke, if they’re funny, or just give them some suggestions about what to wear.

But be gentle, and don’t be rude or overbearing.

You should feel like you’re being taken seriously.


Be patient.

Sometimes it can take a while for a date to fall in love.

Make yourself comfortable so they feel at ease and are comfortable with what they’ll be doing on the night.

And if they don�re nervous, be gentle and give them a moment to relax and get to know each other a little better.


Ask your partner to bring their own blind date attire.

You could dress up as a blind person or bring your own blind glasses or blind date gloves.

If your partner wants you to wear glasses, they can bring them with them.

If they want glasses, bring them.

You can wear glasses to parties, too.


Don�t be too dramatic.

It might take a few tries for you to make them fall in, but you can start to see where they’re coming from.

You might even fall in with a laugh and not worry too much about it. 8.

Don �t ask for permission to wear your blind date glasses.

That’s not what a blind drinker does.

If someone wants you on their date, they�ll want you to be wearing their glasses. But, don.�t ask them to ask for your permission to do it.

Just know that they won�t know until they ask for it. 9.

Be smart.

Make smart decisions.

If their date doesn�t like your glasses, just tell them so.

Don, don, don.

Just say no. 10.

Don´t ask to do anything at the bar.

If it�s a good night, you could have a party and the blind person might even be there.

But ask if you have to be at the club.

If that’s not the case, then don’t ask.

You don�ve got to be comfortable with your blind friend.


Don`t ask your date to bring your blind book. It doesn�T have to sound like it.

But don�ll tell them that if they want to use your blind glasses.

Just ask if they need to bring something else.


Don\’t say anything.

The last thing you want to do is tell someone they should not be wearing blind glasses, so don’t say anything to them.

13. Don���t try and make the date feel like they�re a complete stranger.

If the date is wearing glasses, don���t just ask if it is okay for you and your blind person to sit there.

Just tell them if it makes you feel like that.


Make an effort to make everyone feel comfortable when they arrive.

They can ask questions about their date and what they want them to wear, and maybe even offer suggestions.

But make sure everyone has a good time and has no expectations.


Make your date laugh.

You shouldn’t have to ask to laugh, but when you ask them for a laugh, it can make everyone laugh.


Make eye contact.

Don��t be shy, and make eye contact with people as much as you can. Just don�’t be so nervous that you don�s make them uncomfortable.


Be nice.

Be friendly and kind. You

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