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Why you should never let a blind date blind you

Blind dates, a term coined in New York City, are a popular dating trend among those seeking love.

In Singapore, they are also popular with the young.

But what about the safety of blind dates?

What if someone who can’t see or hear you blinds you?

Read moreRead more Read less Read full story Related articles New York: Blind Date SingaporeSingapore: Blind dateSingaporeans who have been dating a blind person are not at risk of getting infected with herpes or other sexually transmitted diseases, according to a study released on Tuesday.

The study by the Singapore National Health and Medical Research Institute (SNHMI) and University of Singapore found that the risk of herpes transmission from a blind dating partner was low when the couple met at a bar or cafe.

The risk was also low when dating a deaf person.

In the study, the researchers looked at data from more than 2,000 blind and hearing dates in Singapore.

Read Read about how to find a blind partnerSingaporeSingas most common reasons for not dating a person with disabilities were “insecurity” and “preoccupation with their partner’s blindness,” the researchers said.

“Insecurity” was the most common reason for why people did not date a person who had a disability.

While “preoccupied with their partners blindness” was also the most frequent reason.

Among the reasons for the low risk of transmission, the study noted that it was unclear why blind dates were more likely to be at risk than hearing dates.

It was also unclear why deaf dates were less likely to get infected than sight dates, the report said.

The reasons for this could be that deaf people often do not wear glasses, or that hearing people often use earphones or earplugs, the authors said.

“Our findings provide further evidence of the importance of blind dating in Singapore,” Dr. Li Wang, a clinical research fellow at SNHMI, said in a statement.

Singaporean law does not prohibit people from dating someone who has a disability, but the city does not allow blind dates to use public transport.

For blind couples, there is no formal policy prohibiting blind dating, but if you find yourself with a blind man who has recently been diagnosed with a disability and you are unsure of his sexual preference, you should talk to him and tell him that you want to date him, the experts said.

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