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Blind Dates: Auditions for Blind Dating

A blind date audition for an exclusive listing of the next Blind Dating agency in Singapore could be in sight, a blind dating agency manager has told Reuters.

The blind dating company, Lengsong, is expected to open its Singapore branch in March 2018, and will work with clients who have a disability to find them a match.

It is currently operating under the umbrella of a Singapore branch.

In an interview, the manager said the company is still assessing the needs of clients and is currently in the process of setting up a blind date team.

The manager, who asked to remain anonymous, said blind dating has long been an area where companies such as Leng, who have been around for almost three decades, have a leg up.

“There are many companies that have had a leg-up on the blind dating market,” she said.

Lengsongs director of marketing said the blind date market has grown exponentially in the past five years, with the number of people with disabilities seeking out the service quadrupling to 1.6 million.

“It is an important segment of the market that is still growing,” she told Reuters by phone from Singapore.

“We are working with our blind clients to find a suitable partner for them to meet.”

Leng is offering a 30% discount on the cost of a blind dates date in Singapore if you sign up through its online platform.

Lensong will work closely with the Singapore branch of Leng and partner companies, including the Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Singapore Medical Association and the Singapore Association of Blind People to set up blind dating services.

The Singapore branch will be in a high-end hotel area on the island of Singapore, near the island’s famous and iconic skyline.

The first Blind Dating Agency Singapore will open in 2019, according to Leng.

Lengesong has been working with blind people for about 20 years and is also offering a special blind dating service to people with hearing loss.

It has clients who require a service where they can choose a blind partner who can be a part of their dating experience.

The company has been operating in Singapore for nearly 20 years, according the website.

Langsao, the blind agency manager, said her company was also developing a service for people with vision loss.

L Engsong said it was in the planning stages to start an online dating platform for people who need a blind companion who can participate in their dating experiences.

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