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Anushka love friendship Contact Chinese firm sells blind date service to Hong Kong’s Chinese market

Chinese firm sells blind date service to Hong Kong’s Chinese market

The Chinese company that operates the world’s biggest blind dating service has opened a Chinese-language website for Hong Kong, where it says it can offer clients the same service to customers in the mainland.

The service, which started as a mobile app in 2016, was launched in Hong Kong on Thursday and aims to attract mainlanders interested in dating in the territory.

It is the first service in the Hong Kong market to have a global reach, said Li Shun, the chief executive of Singing Blind Dating, the company that created the app.

“It has an appeal for mainlanders who want to date outside their country, but Hong Kong is a special case because we’re a mainland company,” Mr. Li said.

The app, which has been available in HongKong for about three months, is a partnership between Singing and Hong Kong-based HaoTing.

The Hong Kong government had approved the app for mainland use in March, but the app has not yet been fully launched in mainland China.

The Chinese-speaking team at Singing is based in Beijing.

In a post on its website, Singing said it was adding an “official” Chinese-Language site to the HongKongs app.

The website was set up to provide an interface for mainland Chinese users to interact with its service, with English translations to be available soon.

The site includes photos of the Hongkong service’s employees and a map of the city where the app is based.

It also includes a listing of restaurants and hotels where clients can book appointments and the contact details of a contact, including the date they need to meet.

The company said that the app’s service will be accessible in Hongkongs mainland, but said that in HongGong, which was formerly known as China, the service would be available only to mainlanders.

The firm did not provide further details on its plans to open the app in Hong Kong, although a video on the app showed it offering a Hong Kong service to mainland visitors.

It said that it would offer “exclusive service” for the mainland Chinese market.

Singing, which is based on the mainland, has a team of about 50 people, according to the company’s website.

The Shanghai-based company has about 2,000 employees in mainland mainland China, and the app was launched last year.

In 2016, the Hong kong branch of Singings Hong Kong branch posted a video of Mr. Lim from the mainland in Hong Kwai in a promotional video for the app, and it said that its app is the only service in Hong kongs mainland that offers mainlanders the same services as the mainlanders in Hong.

Singings has about 600 mainlanders on its platform and about 3,500 mainlanders looking for dates.

The platform offers the same accommodation options as mainland dating apps, including private rooms, meals and a bar, and a limited number of dates.

Singers says its app, Singling Blind Dating Hong Kong , is an online dating service, but that its service does not have a Chinese website.

In addition to Hong kowders, Singings said it had plans to offer services to mainland tourists who are visiting the Hong Kongs mainland.

Mr. Lin said Singings will also provide services to other foreign customers.

“We’re trying to attract the best mainland Chinese, foreign tourists, to come here,” he said.

“The app has been fully rolled out in mainland Hong Kong.

The number of mainland tourists will go up, but I don’t know yet how many we can handle.

But we hope we can.”

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