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Anushka love friendship Members The Blind Date of the Week: Nikki Glaser and the Kardashians

The Blind Date of the Week: Nikki Glaser and the Kardashians

Nikki Glasser and the Kardashian clan were set to go head-to-head on Saturday night when they took the stage to promote their new film, Blind Date.

The couple shared their love of blind dates with the cameras, and then, with their signature two-sided kiss, made the most of the opportunity to be photographed with each other.

It was all pretty surreal, but we also noticed a few of their favorite moments.

Nikki Glasserer shared that the highlight of her blind date was when the two of them were in bed together.

Nikki says, “I got on the bed and we were kissing.

And I remember that one kiss was so sweet.

And it felt like a really good moment, because it felt a little bit like we were going through the same thing, so it was a little fun.”

Nikki says she found the night so special because she was able to be with her “biggest fan.”

She also says she felt more comfortable than ever before on camera.

Nikki shares that she has seen the film twice now, but she would still go blind dating a Kardashian.

Nikki explains that, after her first date, she decided to take a blind date for the second one.

“I didn’t think about it too much.

I just thought I was going to do it,” she said.

Nikki was also very complimentary of her new best friend, Tyra Banks.

Nikki said, “Tyra Banks is a sweetheart.

Tyra is such a good friend.

Tyreas personality is such an incredible thing.

Tyro is just so sweet.”

Nikki also had a couple of highlights from her first time on camera, and she says it was very memorable.

She said, Nikki was very happy to see her “family” for the first time.

“They were great,” Nikki said.

“Their little baby girl was a big part of it.

They were like, ‘Hi Nikki, hi Nikki.’

So it was really good.”

Nikki said she’s already had a chance to talk to Tyra about her blind dates and the movie, and they are going to continue to chat on camera about the film.

Ty and Nikki have a lot in common.

Ty was born blind in 1995 and is a “beautiful little girl,” Nikki says.

Ty also has a baby brother and sister, and Nikki said Tyra was the “best friend” she’s ever had.

Nikki also shared her thoughts on Tyra’s relationship with her husband, Kanye West.

Ty is like my mom.

He is like, I’m so proud of you Nikki said of Tyra.

“He’s such a great father, he’s such an amazing husband.

He’s such great man.

I love him so much.

So I’m excited to see him and see what he’s up to.”

Ty is also known for his “unorthodox” lifestyle.

He also admitted to having a hard time staying in shape, so Nikki is very excited to get back into the swing of things.

Ty, Nikki, Ty and Kanye’s relationship is not just about Ty.

Nikki is a big fan of Kanye, too, and said she was glad to see the star continue to grow as an artist.

“There are so many great artists in this world right now,” Nikki continued.

“And you know, I’ve been around them for a long time.

They’re so unique.

And Kanye’s unique.

He has such an artistic side to him that I’m just so happy for him.”

Nikki is currently filming her new film with Tyra and Tyra said she loves Nikki.

Ty said, I just love Nikki.

Nikki, I think I really do, too.

Ty says she loves her for being a positive role model for the children in their lives.

Ty continued, Nikki is like a mother figure to the kids, too — “she gives them the love, and the understanding that they can do whatever they want to do.”

Ty and his wife, Kanye, will be appearing in the film as well, and Ty says they are also getting a lot of support from the children’s community.

“My heart is in the right place.

We’ve been really blessed with such a wonderful community of children, and we want to be there,” Ty said.

Ty has had a few years of success as a rapper, but Tyra says she’s been working hard on her film.

“This is really a really exciting time for us,” Tyra told us.

“It’s really about us, it’s really important to us, and I feel really good about it.

We’re getting the love.

And that’s what I’m really looking forward to, really getting the kids on board.

And then just doing the filming.”

Ty also shared that he has been in touch with his family and they have been supportive of the project.

Ty’s mother, Tracey, also shared some of the positive messages she has received

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