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Blind Date with Justin Trudeau

A blind date with Justin Turnbull has turned into a hilarious spectacle as a pair of men take on each other in front of a live audience at a theatre in Victoria.

The two men, Justin Trudeau and Kevin Rudd, were photographed by local journalist, Josh Henson, while Trudeau and Rudd were also filmed by the local ABC newsreader, John Fauci.

The pair, along with a photographer, were in a theatre on Saturday night at the Australian National Theatre (ANT) when they were invited to take part in a comedy sketch.

Trudeau was dressed in a suit and tie with a black bow tie, while Rudd was in a white shirt and jeans.

When they met the audience, Trudeau, dressed in white, laughed when asked if he would do it again.

He joked that he had no idea what the other person was going to say.

He said he thought it would be a lot of fun, and said the audience laughed.

When Rudd laughed, Trudeau laughed.

The comedians shared a laugh at the awkward moment.

When the pair finally took the stage, the audience roared with laughter.

The video shows Rudd and Trudeau joking about how the audience would react to their banter.

After the jokes, Rudd and Harper joked about the size of their hands, and Trudeau joked about Trudeau’s facial hair.

“I think he’s got a beard, so I’m going to have to take a good look at that,” Trudeau joked.

“He does look pretty nice.”

As the pair walked back to the theatre, Trudeau took a photo with a smiling Rudd, before Rudd left to go to the toilet.

Trillard’s spokesman, Kevin Page, told the ABC that Rudd’s actions were completely inappropriate.

“We have had numerous calls from members of the audience who were very shocked by the behaviour of Kevin Rudd and have asked him to apologise,” Page said.

“It was clearly inappropriate and he should not have been at the theatre in the first place.”

Mr Page said the Prime Minister was still under a number of “personal commitments” and would not be in the theatre.

“Kevin is under contract with ANT, which is his employer, and has to make the best decisions for him, as his contract has ended, so he will not be there,” he said.

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