Anushka love friendship

Anushka love friendship Contact Barbie, Kylie Jenner and other celebs blind date to see if they can see eye to eye

Barbie, Kylie Jenner and other celebs blind date to see if they can see eye to eye

LONDON — Babs Barksdale is taking her eyes off the camera, but Kylie’s Kylie can’t help but feel her eyelashes were cut off before she had a chance to talk to her friend and her mother.

Babes Barksdales father, Matt Barks, told HuffPost he got the idea for the blind date when he saw the TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” when it first aired.

“It was just something that I thought would be funny to have a blind date,” Matt said.

The “Keeping up with the Kardashian” show, about the lives of three people from different backgrounds, has become a huge hit with millions of viewers on social media.

Matt Barks said that when he found out that his daughter was being invited to a blind dating party, he had to act quickly to get her out of the house and into a safe place.

While the two were in the house together, Barks told HuffPost, Kylis mother asked her if she wanted to see her eyesight.

Kylie told her mom, “That’s not what we want you to do, that’s not a good idea,” Matt Barros told HuffPost.

She asked to see the doctor, and Matt said Kylie was scared to go to the doctor because she could be “frozen.”

The doctor told her it wasn’t a problem, and the two went back to their home.

It was a good thing, Matt said, that Kylie wasn’t in the car and driving.

When Kylie left the house, Matt and his family didn’t have to worry about Kylie not returning.

He said he didn’t know what to do when he woke up that morning, but he said he felt so relieved he was able to sleep through the night.

“She said, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re home.

You can come and see your eye.’

And that was the best thing that ever happened,” he said.

Matt Barros said that he was so relieved to finally have his daughter in his arms that he wanted to tell her the news.

As soon as Kylie walked into the room, Matt felt a rush of happiness.

His daughter was smiling at him.

Matt told HuffPost that she was smiling and smiling at everyone.

Matt said that they spent the next two days talking about what to wear for the date, and they were happy when Kylie finally showed up.

After the blind dating date, Kylies mother had Kylie put on her glasses, and he was happy to see she was wearing them, he said, laughing.

But the date was not over, and Kylie said that she felt like her eyes were “blown out.”

Matt Barricks said that the doctor told him she would need to go back to see Kylie and the doctors recommendation was for her to see a doctor, but the doctor did not make that recommendation.

A few weeks later, Kyli was still wearing glasses and Kyli told her mother she had no idea why she couldn’t see.

Matt said that Kyli said to her mom that she wanted her eyes to be “pretty.”

“I felt like that was all we could say, ‘You know, I really appreciate that you gave us this opportunity to go out and see Kyli,'” Matt said he said she told her.

They went to the doctors appointment and she told them that she didn’t need glasses.

Matt Barricks told HuffPost she told him that she couldn, but she told the doctor she wanted the glasses.

Katie and Kylies dad told HuffPost they thought Kyli wanted to get glasses because her eyes had been cut off and it would make her look younger.

And the glasses were an easy choice for Kyli, who was able in that moment to feel comfortable and look more youthful, Matt told the HuffPost.

Matt agreed, and it was a happy moment for the family.

“We were like, ‘Well, I’ve got Kylie in my arms now,'” Matt Barrows said.

“We knew that was a really good day for us.”

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