Anushka love friendship

Anushka love friendship About Angel blind date tube shows ‘a real, real love’

Angel blind date tube shows ‘a real, real love’

A blind date with an angel has made headlines worldwide.CBC News has learned that a blind date is not uncommon in some countries, and that this is one of the most common dates in China.

But, Angel Blind Date is a special kind of dating where a blind man or woman has the ability to see the other person’s eyes.

“They don’t know their eyes are different, so they see each other’s eyes and they just really feel the love,” said Angel Blind date participant Zhen Xiaolin.

She said she had never been to a date before and that the experience was different.

“It’s very unique.

You see the person, but they don’t see your eyes,” she said.”

When they’re together, it’s not like you have a glass of wine and they’ve got your arm around you.

They’re like brothers and sisters.

They just have a really great bond.”

Zhen Xiaolin says the love story behind her date was very different from most dating experiences.CBC reporter David Prentice caught up with Zhen to talk about her love for the other party and how she had no idea what was happening.

She told us she met her partner, Zhang Zhenyu, while she was in Beijing, China, visiting her father for a birthday party.

Zhen was originally from Shenzhen, China.

She says she is very passionate about her job as a photographer, but it wasn’t until she met Zhang that she found the love of her life.

“I had no intention of dating him,” she told CBC News.

“But, I really like him.

We both have the same personality, the same way of thinking and we both love to travel.

We’re very passionate and we’re really excited.”

Zheng is from Hong Kong.

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fine Art from Hongkong University and works as a model, but she has also worked as a teacher and a nurse.

Zheng said Zhang’s love of photography had given her the motivation to learn how to work with people.

“The first day of school, I used to take photographs of my teacher, and it gave me confidence,” she recalled.

“In my eyes, my teacher was the only person who was able to help me understand how to communicate with people.”

Zhang and Zhen are currently together and the two are hoping to start a relationship soon.

They’re hoping to open a gallery, which will feature their work and offer them the opportunity to promote themselves.

Zhao Jianxing, director of the Beijing Art School of Fine Art, said they are planning to host a meeting between Zhang and Zhe to celebrate their first date.

“We will make the first date a big event, and we will make a lot of effort to promote the exhibition,” Zhao said.

“This is just a very important moment for the couple.”

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