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Anushka love friendship About Blind date: The awkwardness of a blind date

Blind date: The awkwardness of a blind date

Blind date conversations are usually awkward, especially when you’ve been trying to get the guy to agree to go on a date with you.

And the awkwardness is amplified when the date doesn’t happen at all.

But sometimes, it’s all about the date itself.

So I had a date last week, and he went to a few different bars and did his thing.

I wanted to know what was going on, so I decided to ask him if I could come see his room and he said yes.

I went in and he had a room full of clothes.

He didn’t have a place to stay and he didn’t even have his own bed.

It was like I was at a party.

He said that he had the best bed in the world, and that he wanted to share it with me, and then he was gone.

I felt bad because I’d only had a drink and a movie.

I was like, “What?


I’m like, you just left me with a room that was totally unoccupied.

I mean, he had my phone and my laptop, my books, everything.

It wasn’t like I had anything.

He was super cool and super charming and super friendly.

I didn’t really want to hang out with him.

It seemed like a really great date, but I just felt like it was kind of weird to go out with somebody you didn’t know.

He seemed like the kind of guy who would probably get over it quickly, but at the same time I didn.

It just felt weird to be hanging out with someone who was totally not my type.

But I felt like he had such a great time and we had a great night.

We ended up staying at a hotel, and we’re just talking now.

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