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Anushka love friendship About Blind date makeup reveals secrets behind the hidden beauty secrets of blind date

Blind date makeup reveals secrets behind the hidden beauty secrets of blind date

Posted June 01, 2018 07:01:25I have been dating a girl for two years, she is blind.

She has never been asked if she likes makeup.

She likes to wear it to make up her eyes but she cannot get a product to apply to her eyelids.

I have found this to be incredibly frustrating because my eyes do not need to be covered.

She loves that look, and I do not want to look at her eyelid while she is doing it.

So I decided to create a blind date makeup look for her that would conceal her eyelashes and conceal her eyes, but still give her a very attractive and interesting look. 

What I ended up with was a look that would make her smile, but also hide her eyes.

This looks like a date, but it’s really a date without makeup. 

I love the way it looks, I love the colour, it’s the perfect colour to conceal her dark eyes.

She really loves it and she’s always happy to show me her favourite looks.

The beauty of makeup is to make you look different and I think that with a little bit of makeup you can change your face to look like a different person, but without getting a lot of makeup done. 

This looks amazing on her face, but what if I didn’t have to worry about her eyes? 

I’m going to try my best to get a makeup tutorial from her, she wants me to make sure that she is able to apply the makeup on her eyes without it showing through her eyelash extensions. 

When you’re getting ready to go on a date or when you’re having a party or if you’re going out, make sure you have makeup on, and when you are ready, put it on! 

It can make your date feel special and it can even make you feel sexy, even though it looks very different. 

If you would like to see more tutorials, you can find more of my beauty and makeup videos on my YouTube channel, I look like you! 

Find out more about how I make my beauty videos here: Beauty Tutorials on YouTube, Face Tutorials on YouTube, Beauty and Makeup Tutorials, Beautiful Faces on Youtube, Makeup and Eyelash Makeup tutorials, How to Make Your Own Makeup and more!

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