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How to Get Your Blind Friend to Ask You Questions

Posted February 23, 2018 04:38:25You can be blind, deaf, and mute.

Or at least that’s the story in “blind friend dates” like this one between the “blind girl” in this video and her blind friend.

The “blind” in question is an 18-year-old woman named Emma, who is blind and has never met anyone with disabilities before.

She’s not deaf, but her hearing is impaired and she doesn’t have much of an interpreter.

And her blind friends are not allowed to visit her, either.

The blind girl is very much into the “friendship” part of the “dating” experience, and it turns out that Emma can’t wait to meet her blind and mute friend, a girl named Anna, whom she met while watching the movie “Blind Date.”

Anna is a blind woman who can only read and write.

And she has never seen Emma before, and the date has been going on for a while.

She tells Emma that she’s been blind since birth, and she is very interested in learning more about her blind history.

So Emma invites Anna to her birthday party.

And when Anna’s friend asks Anna to ask questions, Emma refuses to do it.

Instead, she writes a letter explaining her experience and sharing her experiences with her deaf friends.

Emma writes that she has always been very close with her blind brother, who has been blind for a very long time, and Anna is a great friend, so it is not that she does not want to be friends with Anna, but she is not a friend for a friend’s sake.

Emma tells Anna she can never ask a blind person a question, but Anna doesn’t know what she means by that.

Anna is very upset about this, but Emma says it is just a question.

Anna goes to her room and goes to the bathroom, which is where Emma notices a piece of paper on her desk, which Anna has written on.

She asks Emma if she knows what it is, and Emma explains that it is a piece with the date in it.

And then Anna takes it from Emma and asks her to give it to her.

But Emma has to read it first.

Anna reads the date and she writes “I’m a good friend.

I can help you.”

And then she gives it to Emma.

And then Anna asks Emma to do something for her.

And Emma says, “It’s a blind date.”

And Anna tells Emma to go and tell the people at the bar who will let her know.

She tells Emma what they said about her friend’s disability, and then Anna hands Emma the date again.

She doesn’t tell Emma anything about her blindness.

And so she leaves.

The video goes viral.

It’s been viewed more than 9 million times.

And now, Anna has a new friend.

Now, I’ve never met Anna, so I’m not sure how it’s going to work, but this has a little bit of a parallel to my own situation.

I was an English major at Yale, and I was told I was going to be the first person in the world who was going blind, and that I should go see an eye doctor and be fitted for glasses.

But I’m so lucky to have met Anna.

She is so smart, and very open, and so kind and caring.

And I just want to tell her, if she is looking for something to do, to go for it.

You know, it’s okay to not go.

And I know that Anna is looking to go to a museum with me.

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