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Anushka love friendship Contact ‘This is not your normal girl’: Chinese girl’s daring bid to win back blind date

‘This is not your normal girl’: Chinese girl’s daring bid to win back blind date

With her big eyes and curly hair, Chen Liya, 17, is known as the “eyes of China”.

But it is her daring and unconventional attempts to win a blind date from a local businessman that are making headlines around the world.

“When I was in high school, I never really thought about how much of an attraction I had for the person I was dating,” Chen said.

“It was only after I was married to a man who was also married that I realised I really had an attraction to him.”

It wasn’t that I thought he was the most beautiful man in the world, but I knew I had to find a way to get him to be my boyfriend.

“The boy who didn’t want a girlfriend The young Chen’s father is a well-known businessman in Guangzhou, a city in southern China’s Guangdong province.

He has been working in the city for more than 30 years and had previously made more than 100 million yuan ($1.3 million) in a single year.

But in January this year, he was approached by Chen’s friend who wanted to marry her, Chen said, so she went to meet the man and marry him in a hotel.”

She said, ‘I want to get married, so can you marry me?’

“Chen said in an interview with the BBC.”

So I went up to her hotel room and asked, ‘Do you want to be a husband and father of two children?’

“”She immediately said, no, I want to have a blind love.

So I thought, ‘Okay, I will marry you.’

I said, OK, but only if you marry my husband, and he said, okay, if you do, I’ll pay for your baby.”‘”

She had to take care of my two sons, but then when I asked her if I could have a baby, she said, of course you can, because I am the one who brought the child into the world’,” Chen said of the man.

“I said, OK, but only if you marry my husband, and he said, okay, if you do, I’ll pay for your baby.”‘

It was all very simple’When Chen, who is a first-year student, met her husband, she had no idea he was gay.

She said: “I thought he would just be a normal guy, who likes to be in the company of beautiful women, but he was really an interesting person.”‘

I was totally unprepared’The couple had only met online, but the two had met for the first time when they both went to a dance, and the next day, they decided to meet for a date in Guangdou.

“After a few months, we started talking about getting married and I said I want you to marry me,” Chen recalled.

“He said OK.

I didn’t think it would end up as such a romantic moment.”

But we met for a while and then we got married and he was so kind to me.

He said that if I marry him, I won’t go to school with him anymore, so I won�t be able to go to university for the next five years.

“But when the couple went out, Chen was totally prepared for a whirlwind romance.”

The first night was our first date, but it turned into a nightmare.

I was totally nervous and I didn�t want to do it,” she said.”

Because of the amount of things I was saying to him, he started to tell me I didn’ want to go on a date with him because I would be a burden to my family.

“She ended up marrying the man because she felt he could help her through her difficulties.”

For a long time I was just looking for someone to talk to,” Chen added.”

Now I am able to have close friends.

I have so many friends now, and I am happy to have them as well.

“But despite their newfound love, the couple are still struggling to settle into their relationship.”

In the beginning, I was a little bit nervous about it, but as time went on, I realised that I am actually very good at being myself and I know that being myself makes it easier for me to be accepted by others,” Chen explained.”

He is just a really good person and I love him very much.”‘

We didn�ts see eye to eye’Chen said that while they are now married, she feels they have made some mistakes.”

But Chen has learned a lot from her husband and feels that he has a lot to offer.””

Sometimes, I even tell him off if I do something that I think is wrong.”

But Chen has learned a lot from her husband and feels that he has a lot to offer.

“If I have a good day, he is very patient, but if I have an awkward day, it is because I’m not prepared for him to help me.”Read

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