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Anushka love friendship Contact Blind Date Best: The Blind Date Clipart That’s So Perfect, But It’s So Wrong

Blind Date Best: The Blind Date Clipart That’s So Perfect, But It’s So Wrong

The most obvious blind date clip art you’ve ever seen is the clipart for the first two seasons of The Bachelor.

It’s pretty amazing, but not exactly what you’d expect from the Bachelor, and its not quite as captivating as its reputation would suggest.

However, the cliparts have inspired a whole new generation of young men to create their own clips and to upload them to social media.

A recent study found that the number of blind dates that have been uploaded to Instagram has increased by a staggering 200% since the season one clipart, which is something that definitely deserves a place in the “best blind date clips” list.

But what makes the clip art so special?

The clipart is designed by a blind artist, and the artists take great care in crafting each clip, so that it feels natural and not clunky.

The clip art is a tribute to the “great minds of the age” that have contributed to the art.

You can check out the clips below.

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