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Anushka love friendship Contact An early Christmas gift for Australia’s biggest holiday-makers

An early Christmas gift for Australia’s biggest holiday-makers

A Christmas gift to Australia’s best-known sports team may have arrived too late to stop a violent mob attacking the city’s biggest sporting event.

In a shocking case of mistaken identity, the men who stormed the Australian Outback Cricket League’s Sydney Oval and held it hostage for three days were caught on camera.

Police have charged three men with murder and attempted murder in connection with the attack.

The men have been identified as 19-year-old Aneesh, 23-year the 23- year-old Amjad, and 26-year Shadi, who is believed to be from a refugee camp in Pakistan.

A source close to the investigation said Shadi was an Australian national who arrived in Australia as a child and had been living in the country for the past six years.

Shadi is a former boxer and was born in Australia.

As the men stormed the venue, two men were reportedly shot and one is in hospital in a critical condition.

Authorities believe they had been targeting the team since mid-November, when they held the first of two matches in Sydney’s inner-city suburb of Richmond.

Two days before the attack, the team had already lost three of their five matches and were under threat of losing the next two.

It was not immediately clear whether the men targeted the team because of their ethnic background, but the AFL said on Thursday that it had contacted the AFL about the attack and would “work with the relevant authorities to establish the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident”.

The AFL has already said it was aware of a similar incident on November 21, but it did not comment further on the matter until it had spoken to the victim’s family.

This is a developing story and we will keep you updated.

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