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Anushka love friendship Success Rate What to know about the new blind date app for blind people

What to know about the new blind date app for blind people

A new blind dating app for adults with disabilities has opened in Boston and is aiming to make it easier for blind singles to find a date.

The app, BlindDate, lets blind people see their date in real-time, according to its creators.

The app has launched in Boston, Philadelphia, Boston, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle.

Users must be blind to sign up.

“We’re trying to get the blind in, and we’re hoping to get people to try it out,” said Lisa Miller, the co-founder and chief executive of BlindDate.

She said the app will eventually expand to the U.S. and other countries.

Miller said the service could also be expanded to allow other groups of people to sign-up to join in.

Biden, who is also the vice president of digital innovation for the National Federation of the Blind, said the program could have a big impact on the economy, education and social inclusion for people with disabilities.

He said the blind should be able to participate in more traditional dating services such as traditional dating websites and mobile dating apps, but said he wasn’t sure how that would work in practice.

“If we’re going to do that, we’re not going to be able at the moment to put all of these blind people on the same dating site,” Biden said.

“If we could, I think that would be an incredible step forward.”

The blind dating site is being developed by Boston-based BlindDate for the blind.

It’s available for free to the blind and other people with visual impairments.

The app lets users choose their date, and then can track their progress as they go through the date and choose the best option for them.

It lets users record their date’s progress, and the dates are uploaded to the app.

To get started, users must be able sighted to sign in and submit their profile.

They can choose their own date, but they must have an approved date.

Biden said the company was working with companies to create a dating app that can accommodate everyone.

He also said the project is part of his ongoing push to address inequality and create more opportunities for the disabled.

“We have the opportunity to help blind people, and they have a choice, and it’s up to them to choose who they want to help,” he said.

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