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How to be a better date for a walmart Blind Date

A date with a walmarts price tag can be just as expensive as the actual price, a study has found.

According to the researchers, the cost of the date at a Walmart is the same as it is for a date at the mall.

“The average date is going to cost you about $25, but the average date at walmart is about $35,” said Stephanie Lohman, assistant professor of marketing and public policy at the University of California-Davis.

“It’s a pretty big difference.”

While a date can cost as much as $35, the actual date with the mall is often significantly less.

Walmart said that because of a recent surge in new online shopping, it is now more affordable to find date night specials at a store, like a $30 discounted date night or a $15 date night.

The average Walmart date cost $30 in 2012, but with the advent of online shopping it has dropped to about $20.

The average date night at a Walmart is typically between $35 and $40.

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