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Anushka love friendship Members The most expensive blind date in Vegas history: $2.5 million

The most expensive blind date in Vegas history: $2.5 million

A blind date between an 80s porn star and a 70s porn actress has gone viral after a photo of the event went viral on the internet.

According to reports, a woman named Alison James, who has starred in several adult films, was having sex with the former on July 31 in Las Vegas.

According the report, James told the unidentified woman that she was going to have sex with her at the Las Vegas strip club Roxy in front of a crowd of 20 people.

However, when the woman tried to leave, James allegedly pushed her against the wall and forced her to perform oral sex on him, the report said.

James then took the woman to the hotel room and forced his tongue down her throat.

He then allegedly took her to the room and took off her clothes.

James allegedly put the woman’s head down on a pillow and placed a hand on her breast and began fondling it.

He then allegedly started fingering her nipples.

After the alleged incident, James reportedly told the woman she would “never” have sex again and that he was going home to have a “real life”.

“I know that it will not be easy to take back what happened,” James allegedly said.

The woman reportedly told police she was shocked and hurt by the incident and that she would not have done the same to a man in her position.

However she later told police that she believed James had been abusing her for years.

James was arrested in April for sexual battery.

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